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Video Express 2 AGENCY

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Welcome to Video Express 2 Agency, here’s what you get:

Create 10 Extra Accounts

Want to create an account for your clients and charge a monthly fee for it? Or maybe you want to create accounts for your family, friends or business partners? Now you can, with the Agency Version you can create and manage up to 10 accounts! Awesome for those who are looking to add their own clients into Video Express 2

Add Your Own Logo (Branding)

If you get the PRO Version, you can now create Video Analysis and also Backlink Campaigns and sell for your clients all day long. But these reports come with our branding logo, now it’s time to make it professional. With Agency, you can add your own logo to the reports, meaning the clients will see the logo you choose in the reports!

5 Sites to List Your Ranking Service

There’s a huge problem when it comes to sell ranking services; people don’t know where to list their service! Problem solved, we are gonna give you 5 sites to list your backlink, video analyzer and ranking services, and sell it like crazy!

Hand Held Selling Training

We’re adding on top of all that, a selling training, showing you how to sell in multiple platforms, how to list your service and also a copywriting bonus where we are gonna show you the exact words to use to make a sale online!

Sell and Charge a Hefty Fee For Clients

Ranking Services are super profitable, one simple backlink campaign where Video Express 2 does all the hard work for you, can mean $100 in your pocket immediately - it’s time to tap into this business model and make money with Video Express 2!

Get instant access to Agency

Video Express 2 AGENCY

It comes with our 30 days money back guarantee - if you do not like or feel its not for you within 30 days, you can ask your money back! So now, you have no risk at all to get and upgrade on this!